Finding the motivation to exercise is often a struggle many people deal with on a daily basis. Sure, on a fundamental level, you may understand that working out is good for you because it will improve your physical condition, but the lack of immediately visible rewards can serve as a mental hurdle many simply cannot clear.

Still, exercising is something you should be doing regularly, and if the promise of a healthier you is not enough motivation, then you may benefit from having your view of working out changed. Instead of seeing it as this chore you have to do, viewing it as something that can be enjoyable may get you up off the couch more often.

A study published earlier this year even pointed to the positive impact playing a game could have on a person’s desire to work out. The study involved two groups of people who were given Fitbits, with one group using the wearable together with a web-based game known as “MapTrek.” The study revealed that the people in the group playing the game were significantly more active than the others who weren’t playing.

Lucas J. Carr, PhD, one of the lead researchers of the study, even told Healthline that there were people from the gaming group who said that the game motivated them to wear their Fitbit more.

More studies still have to be done to properly determine just how much games and other forms of entertainment can influence people to work out.  For now, if you are interested in seeing how those can affect you, the apps listed below could be worth checking out.


Searching for ghosts can definitely get your heart-pumping and moving around from one place to another could help you work up a sweat as well.

In “SpecTrek,” players begin by trying to track down the ghosts, but later on, they will really have to show how fit they are to keep making progress inside the game.

Zombies, Run!

Keeping up the theme of players dealing with the undead, “Zombies, Run!” aims to provide willing users with a sneak preview of what the zombie apocalypse could be like. The game starts out normally by just giving players some music to listen to, but zombies can emerge all of a sudden and force them to run for their lives.

There are over 200 missions for players to go through in this game and the story is engaging to the point that listeners will be hooked until the end. The game even comes with a base-building feature that serves to diversify the available gameplay experiences.

Dungeon Runner

“Dungeon Runner” would not look out of place in an old school game library with its 8-bit graphics and catchy soundtrack. However, unlike many of those classic games that only required you to use your thumbs for playing, “Dungeon Runner” calls on players to perform specific exercises if they want to continue making progress.

Enemies and challenges differ with every workout, and there are even treasure chests waiting for the players who put in the work.


Unlike the apps previously mentioned above, “RockMyRun” isn’t actually a game people play. Instead, it encourages people to get up and work out by giving them great music mixes to run to. The tempo of the music played by “RockMyRun” will even switch up to better align with the pace of your current run.

As you use the app more frequently, it will begin to discover what kinds of songs you like to work out to and it will suggest similar tracks that you may also enjoy. “RockMyRun” also works with some of the top exercise tracking apps available to give you the lowdown on how well you are doing every time you exercise.

Daily Workout Music – Weight Loss & Health

Its name is a bit of a mouthful, but “Daily Workout Music – Weight Loss & Health” is actually a simple and straightforward app that gives you access to some of the best songs to work out to. This app brings newer music to the forefront, so don’t be surprised if you find a new song actually worth downloading while you are exercising.

The music will also synchronize with your rate of running to keep you in rhythm, and just like “RockMyRun,” this app will also work with some tracking apps that are currently available.

Just Dance Now

“Just Dance Now” is the mobile version of Ubisoft’s long-running rhythm game series, and just like its predecessors, it gives players opportunities to dance to only the most intoxicating beats. Players have access to over 300 tracks, including some of the most popular dance songs released in recent years.

Anyone with the app on their smartphone can join in on the fun, so yes, it’s possible to set up a dance competition will all of your friends. The best news for players here is that they are getting a good workout while they are having plenty of fun.


Gamers can tell you all about how much fun it is to embrace the grind, gain levels, and finish quests in the games they play. “Fitocracy” picks up on how fun doing those things are, and applies that to exercising.

While using the app, players will be able to chart their progress in the forms of levels gained, and achievements being unlocked. Before players know it, they will be capable of taking on the toughest quests “Fitocracy” has to offer because their bodies have are now in prime condition.


Much like “Fitocracy,” “Habitica” works by providing players with in-app goals. These goals can be achieved when players complete certain tasks. Along the way, players will be able to unlock different pieces of armor, skills, and quests. These should serve to motivate them to keep clearing their to-do lists.

Players simply need to include workout plans in their to-do lists, so that they will be further incentivized to exercise.


“Ingress” engages players by first involving them in a mystery they can only unravel by progressing further. Players will interact with the mysterious energy featured in the game in a variety of ways and they will also be asked to choose between sides.

Players will be asked to move around a lot as they interact with the world of “Ingress,” so they will be burning calories while trying to understand more about this mysterious force that has enveloped the world.

Pokémon Go

Last but not least on this list of fun exercise apps is “Pokémon Go.” This game that captured the world’s imagination not too long ago is still getting plenty of attention from developers. More creatures and features are still being added to the game.

As a trainer, you can move around searching for the strongest Pokémon and raise them well to help them reach their full potential.

There is no shortage of apps out there that can make working out significantly more enjoyable. Try out some of the apps above and see how they work for you. Who knows, if you just so happen to fall in love with one of the apps included in this list, the workouts you previously dreaded could turn into activities you always look forward to.