Starting and owning a website for any venture, be it a business, product or service, isn’t enough, today, to gain a significant following or see legitimate growth. Websites can be vital to establishing brand awareness, gaining publicity, and reaching a wide net of potential consumers. Web designers often enlist the help of digital marketers in order to reach these goals, but how do digital marketers deliver results? What are some strategies put in place to fuel website growth? The following are 3 of the best marketing strategies to help websites become more effective and authoritative.


SEO or search engine optimization is exactly what it sounds like: optimizing a website or page for search engines to find and rank in their results pages. The higher up a website ranks in SERPs (search engine results pages) the more visible it is to internet users. Many web design agencies offer SEO services in addition to more technical aspects of running a website. When seeking Website or SEO services for your site, it’s best to shop locally, says Phil Singleton of Kansas City Web Design as a local firm will be able to understand your potential customers better along with handling local SEO.

Content Marketing

When it comes to online authority and visibility, providing quality content is arguably the most important factor. A website’s content is what engages users first and foremost. Therefore, content needs to be informative, entertaining, and generally useful for visitors of your site. Many digital marketers focus too much on keywords and fulfilling wordcounts when it comes to content, which are common pitfalls to integrating a good content marketing strategy into websites. High-quality content is bare of keyword stuffing, a spammy overabundance of registered keywords, and “fluff” content, which is ultimately useless content used to fill space. Furthermore, there are many tools online to help alleviate the burden of content production curation. Software like Copyscape, for instance, ensures that all content hosted on a website is original, unique, and not plagiarized. Likewise, Google Keyword Planner will provide helpful guidelines when it comes to implementing keywords into content.

Social Media Marketing

If you aren’t on social media already, in 2019, you’re missing a major marketing opportunity. Today, most of the population spends an overwhelming amount of time scrolling various social media platforms. This provides an effective spotlight for web designers and digital marketers. Sharing pages and content has never been easier than on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. Marketers should utilize any and every facet of social media available, in order to increase the chances that content and sites will be shared amongst circles of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of users worldwide. Make sure all accounts across the board are synchronized and consistent. The same site should be linked to by every account, and the same content should be promoted over all platforms in use by digital marketers.


As the internet undergoes constant changes and Google’s algorithms are updated regularly, digital marketers must stay ahead of the wave, observing and implementing current trends and practices. To recapitulate, 3 of the most effective marketing strategies to fuel your website growth include search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing. All of these methods should be used simultaneously to attain the most potential online growth.