There are some obvious “don’ts” when it comes to late night snacking; Like salty foods that can promote heartburn, super-sugary foods that can boost your energy, and anything that’s going to move through you quickly (causing late-night disturbances). But what about foods that can give in to your late night cravings while actually helping you to get a good night’s sleep? Here’s our pick for 6 late night snacks you have to try!

Chamomile Tea

Okay, so maybe you don’t “eat” tea, but you’ll want to try out chamomile tea for a late night topper. Not only is it delicious and healthy, it can help knock out even stubborn sleepers. This is due to the fact that it has apigenin, which helps reduce insomnia as well as encourage sleepiness! You can add just a little honey to help sweeten the deal, or add warm milk to enhance its sleepiness factors. Either way, it’s a delicious way to end the day and make sure that you get the sleep you want and need.

Fatty Fish

This is a delicious snack that can seriously help your quality of sleep. This is due to its serotonin-promoting combo of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Pairing it with the right types of carbs (or enjoying it by itself!) can really help bring your night to a delicious and restful conclusion! You can add a little white rice to this to further enhance your sleep, but take it easy on salt and energy-boosting lemons.

Bananas & Oatmeal

Sounds like a great breakfast, right? Well, it can also be the perfect late night snack. Bananas have tryptophan, which can help you get great sleep. And oatmeal can help to encourage sleepiness and improve sleep quality! You can easily add in sleep-aiding berries and an array of nuts to help add both flavor and sleep boosters!


Surprised? We were, too! But there is tons of research out there to suggest that kiwis not only improve your quality of sleep, but can help you fall asleep more quickly, wake up less, and sleep a little longer! You can easily have these with bananas and berries for a small fruit salad, or just enjoy one on its own.


Walnuts are a tasty treat, but they’re also full of melatonin and can help to up your serotonin production! Though there isn’t a ton of research about walnuts specifically helping with sleep, they certainly contain all the ingredients for a good night’s sleep. These go great with just about anything, including salads, on top of fruit, and even other nuts!


Yes, almonds can really help boost your sleep. Though it has plenty of melatonin and tryptophan, it won’t put you to sleep. However, it will vastly improve the quality of your sleep. Due to its sleep aiding traits, it definitely deserves its spot on our list of foods to eat as a late night snack!

There are tons of great and tasty foods out there that can help you improve your sleep pattern, sleep quality, and even fall asleep faster. These are just our top picks. Get creative with the ingredients to make your perfect sleep-boosting late night snack! Don’t be afraid to experiment with recipes or do your own research to see if you can find your perfect late night ingredients. You can also use these as components in dinner to really help you get to sleep, stay asleep, and improve your sleep!