Maybe your car breaks down and the only part that can fix it is half your monthly paycheck. Maybe the paycheck is late and rent needs to be paid. Maybe you want to give your children a great holiday but lack the funding. Regardless of the reason, most people have experienced a sudden and unexpected need for money. However, there is no need to go without necessities or lay awake worrying. You likely have at least one of the following seven items and thus a potential source of emergency income.

1. Jewelry

Many people have old jewelry laying around, whether from family heirlooms or relationships past. This jewelry can be extremely valuable. Even if the piece itself is outdated or unattractive, precious metals such as gold have a very high value. have a very high value. Many gems also have high value, especially if they are unique or have an interesting history. Don’t assume that the low prices at the local pawn shop are your only option; there are many businesses that will give you a fair price.

2. Old Books

Do you have old books lying around the house? Are your bookshelves stuffed to almost bursting? You may be able to gain extra cash and extra space by selling some of these books.

Many people have made money selling their old books. The first step is a simple web search to determine the books’ values. You may be surprised at what some of them are worth, particularly old books or ones that are first editions of popular novels. The ones that aren’t worth the time to sell them on the internet can be boxed up and taken to your local used books store, where you will get a small amount for them. Anything is better than nothing!

3. Handmade Items

Crafted and handmade items are the latest rage. However, not all people have the ability or patience to make these. As a result, there is a growing market for homemade afghans, embroidery, macramé, and more.

You can list your existing crafts on websites such as eBay and Etsy. If you are particularly talented, you may even be able to turn your skills into an ongoing source of income.

4. Unused Medical Supplies

Many people have a sizeable amount of spare money sitting in their medicine cabinet. Although selling prescription medication is illegal, selling unused supplies is legal and more commonplace that many realize. There are several websites that allow you to sell unopened packages of glucose testing strips, for example. Some pay in as little as 24 hours, making it possible for you to get money quickly for items you don’t need.

5. Photos

Photography has made it easy for us to document the special moments of our lives. It may also make it easy for you to make some extra cash. There are several websites that will buy the rights to your photographs if they are high quality, historical, or just plain interesting. The best thing about selling photos is that you can upload them, sell the rights, and still have the original product.

6. Metals

Do you have old appliances, bicycles, or other metal items laying around? Few realize that these can be a hidden source of money. The metal in these items can be worth cash as scrap metal. Many scrap metal outfits will even haul the items away when they buy them, making this one of the easiest ways to make some extra cash while cleaning out the garage.

7. Plasma

If you are healthy and not taking certain medications, you may have a lucrative source of cash coursing through your veins. Many people sell plasma as a means of extra income. You can donate up to twice a week and get up to $60 each time. Your body makes plasma constantly whether you are selling it or not. Even better, you get the satisfaction of knowing that a person in need of blood products was helped by your decision.

None of these options will earn enough for you to quit your job. However, they can help you to pay that extra bill and put food on the table yet another week. Using one or a combination of these seven tips will hopefully help you to get through this hard time and see better days.