With people traveling more and more, the amount of travel advice circulating feels endless. Although some of this advice can save travelers a lot of grief, there’s a number of misconceptions floating around which can actually have the opposite effect on your travel experience. Today’s article will discuss the most common travel advice that you should never follow!

#1: Unplug and Enjoy Your Trip

Although we often view our mobile devices as distractions that take us out of the moment, they are an important part of our lives that can help us stay connected to our loved ones while we are traveling, help us find our way if we get lost, help us call for emergency assistance, and can even be used as a translation device in a foreign country. Not to mention, it makes a handy camera and video recorder to capture all those unforgettable memories in HD color! Ask anyone who ever had to travel without the convenience of a mobile device… they are a gift to humanity to be taken full of advantage of while traveling!

#2: Travel Overnight

Traveling overnight sounds like a great, time-saving travel tip, however, the reality is that you are likely to arrive at your destination feeling unrested and un-ready to explore your new surroundings. Trying to sleep on anything non-bed, be it a bus, a train, or a plane is downright uncomfortable, and you will want to make a mad dash for your comfy bed the minute you check into your hotel. Not exactly what you had in mind when you think of your dream vacation, now is it?

#3: Be Spontaneous!

What could be more fun than roaming a foreign land without a care in the world for where you will end up? The reality of this scenario often pales in comparison to what one might envision. While it’s desirable to set aside some free-form time to explore the locale, the best way to travel is to plan an itinerary to some can’t miss attractions and purchase tickets in advance. This way, you’ll get the VIP digs and line-jumping passes if available, and usually you can save some money by buying in advance as well. On the other hand, spontaneity will get you stuck standing in line for an hour while your feet swell and your kids cry.

#4 Don’t Travel With Children

The nightmare stories of children on planes run rampant in our society, from parents and innocent bystanders alike. However, leaving the little ones at home just to avoid the travel of hassle might just rob you of one of the most memorable experiences that you could possibly share with your family. Instead of caving into fear, try to plan ahead to make the trip more bearable, both for you and your children. Try to wear them out before your flight so they are already tired once they board the plane, bring a lot of favorite snacks and treats on the flight to keep them content, ignore dirty looks from strangers if your child starts misbehaving and focus exclusively on calming them down, bring small suckers to help distract your child in case of a meltdown, and bring a mobile device loaded with your kiddos favorite shows and movies.

#5 Souvenirs Are a Waste of Money

Travel is expensive, and when looking to save a few dollars, the souvenirs are usually the first thing to go. However, it’s worth it to set aside a bit extra for some physical mementos of your journey, especially if its a place that you are unlikely to visit again in the future. Photographs are amazing, but can anything truly replace the feeling of holding that handcrafted piece of jewelry you picked up from a roadside stand, just after the artisan had finished buffing it? A once in a lifetime trip requires a once in a lifetime souvenir!