When you walk into your child’s bedroom, you might see toys on the floor, clothes that aren’t in the closet, and books that are strewn on the bed. If this scenario sounds familiar, you can use a few ideas to get the organization back in your home, starting with your child’s room. Utilize a system that is easy to maintain for each child based on their ages and how they are able to effectively function with their belongings.

Plastic Baskets 
If you’ve been in any retail store, then you’ve seen plastic storage containers that look like crates. They come in all colors and sizes and are affordable for any budget. Put a row of these baskets on the wall with the open side facing out. Children can keep books, stuffed animals, and special items on the shelf that you’ve created so that belongings aren’t on the floor. You can also use these baskets in the closet to organize socks, underwear, shorts, shirts, or outfits for each day.

Storage Bins 
Decorate flat storage bins to keep under beds in your child’s room. These are an option for shoes that seem to get misplaced. Kids can also label the boxes for certain toys if they have a large number of them, such as cars, dolls, or blocks. Wire baskets are a similar idea and can be hung on a wall or on the inside of a closet door to hold books, board games, and small toys.

Frame Holders 
To keep all of the hairbows that little girls have or the ties that little boys have in one place, wrap a colored ribbon around a picture frame. Clip the bows or ties to the strips of ribbon so that everything is on the frame. A similar idea is to get a corkboard that you design with stickers or ribbon. Clip the same items to the board before it’s hung on a wall.

Shoe Organizers 
Find plastic shoe organizers that are different sizes. Hang them on the doors in your child’s bedroom. They can be used for dolls, cars, blocks, and other items that fit inside each compartment. This is also an idea for craft supplies that sometimes don’t get back inside a box or don’t have a certain location in the home after the original container is thrown away.

Plastic Pipes 
A fun way to store small toys and stuffed animals is to use plastic pipes. You can get PVC pipes of all sizes, painting them so that they are customized for your child’s room. You can also add a few details like stickers or drawings to further enhance the customization. Store the pipes in a wooden toy box or another box that will hold all of the pipes that you have. Shorter pipes work best for this design idea.

Incorporate Play Space 
When children don’t think that they are cleaning up their room or don’t think that they are keeping things stored, it’s often easier to keep a room cleaned. The storage used with playsets, such as shelves that are attached to a kitchen, can be used for all of the accessories that go with the set. You can also use metal baskets as a way to not only display fun toys but to keep them picked up off the floor as well.