Jumping around erratically from one project to the next might make you feel like you are getting a lot done, but you might be surprised at how much more productive you can be with the right tools and strategies. To be an effective and productive task juggler you to need to learn how to focus on each task and project in its own right.


Tackling multiple projects and multitasking your way to success takes some planning and good management strategies. Start each week and even day by reviewing your priorities. Working on the right things at the right times will make you more productive. Each project has a different priority and even task within projects have different priorities. Keep in mind what is really important, so you can accomplish your goals and meet your deadlines.

Consider using time blocks to help you focus on one task at a time. You can choose how to structure your time blocking depending on what you have going on. You might choose to block out a time for a certain type of task like emails. Client blocks can be set aside for meetings with particular patrons. Or, you can simply work on one specific project at a time.

Stay organized and on top of your schedule. Know the timeline of each project and be realistic about your goals and expectations. Taking on multiple projects at one time is reasonable, but try not overbook yourself. There many tools on the market that can further help you manage multiple projects and get things done in an efficient manner without pulling your hair out.


These tools help you to multitask like a pro.

Task Management Tool: This is first on the list for a reason. Task management tools are wonderful for busy individuals and teams. They allow you to break projects down into tasks and even assign different tasks to different team members. It gets all of that information out of your head and organizes it in a useful way. You can set deadlines and reminders for different tasks, events, and important dates. It even allows you to overlay your project plans. This allows you to know when you will likely be stretched for time.

Bluetooth Headset: Wireless headsets don’t limit your mobility and allow you to get more things done on the go. They allow you to talk on the phone hands-free, enabling you to search for files or type notes as you talk.

Gmail Offline: This is helpful if you are trying to get things done on the go or while traveling. This chrome extension allows you to have access to your most recent emails while offline. It keeps track of what you do and takes care of sending emails and marking read emails once you are back online.

Site Blocker: There are several site blocker options like Stay Focused that allow you to block time-waster sites for certain time periods. This means you won’t find yourself being tempted by social media when you really need to be focusing on a specific task.

Grammarly: It is easy to allow your grammar to get messy when you are in a hurry. There is nothing more embarrassing than realizing you misspelled a word or left a glaring grammatical error in an email you just sent. Grammarly helps to catch those mistakes before they become an embarrassment.

Multitasking may not be the best approach to getting things done, but it can be unavoidable at times. When you have multiple projects in the works all vying for attention, it is easy to become overwhelmed and unproductive. There are some wonderful tools available to help manage your time, keep you organized, and keep your work professional. Tools are only as helpful as you allow them to be, so stay organized and focused and watch your productivity increase.